Big 4 Salaries




Does anyone know the salaries for the grad programmme for the Big 4, tax in particular? Do they differ across divisions?

I just got an offer from EY for Tax programme (but studying for ATT and then CTA, not ICAS)



In London, around £27k. Elsewhere varies, but around £21-22k. No real difference across service lines, although sometimes advisory/consulting do slightly better (but don’t receive as much training).

Your salary will change drastically over the course of your career- don’t decide where you want to go based on the salary.

Salaries are not amazing because you are being trained at great cost to the firm. The difference between Big 4 salaries is rarely more than £500pa in any given region, and this difference may be down to their salary review date.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions!


Thanks Chris.

I haven’t applied to any of the other Big 4 and don’t think I will now I have this offer - as someone mentioned in another thread the Big 4 experience is very much similar across firms.


I have accepted an offer with Deloitte for Corporate Tax next year. My starting salary is not yet set, but will be at least £20500, plus benefits up to £600 I think. This is outside of London.

So not great but to be honest the salary is not the main motivator for me. I know it will increase after I am qualified and the chance to actually do the job is the main draw.

Plus any salary means I will have more money than being a student!


Nice one Mike!

Any tips or advice you can give to us about your interviews fand how you got this job?

Well done!



Does anyone know KPMG salary in Europe for Audit in $$$? Was wondering if i will be able to survive…Thanks