Big 4 Salaries - Manchester


Hi All,

I am looking for some advice.

I have applied to all the big4 and thanks to everybody here I have managed to be invited to assessment centres for all of them however I am wondering what the starting salaries are for the Manchester area.

Can anyone help me?






Nope. Big 4 Audit is definitely £18 - 20K outside London


My offer from PwC for the East Midlands was £21.25k (or at least that’s what it was for the 2009 intake).
Similarly my offer from Deloitte for Nottingham was £20.5k. Excluding benefits and tax.


my offer for PwC Belfast (graduate assurance associate) is only £13k. It’s awful!


hey ec334,

that cant be right??? thats like slave labour! you get more working at a till on tesco’s seriously !


mancman- yeah i know! I earn more in my tacky summer job!

Just got my offer letter today, and it is definitely 13k + £580 in extras, so only £10k after tax. There’s also no overtime.

Belfast isn’t exactly a cheap city to live in these days either- rent is around the same as in Manchester.

I think I will take up the offer, but am seriously hoping that it will step up big time after my first and second year… I don’t think I’ll be able to survive with on minimum wage for 3 years!


£10k after tax? That’s absolute dog shit, like £5.93…we’re talking minimum wage here guys! You would have thought these big companies would treat you better, but I suppose they are paying for your qualifications, and once you get those you’re in the money.


the qualifications don’t cost as much as they claim

they just want cheap labour!


gradjobhunter is absolutely right…I know someone very close who works at PwC (not in belfast) and she said in busy periods or on new projects, instead of pulling people of london, newcastle, manchester etc… they just get people of belfast because its cheaper for the company. shocking !


Hi guys. This is my first post on here. I’ve just been offered a grad job in audit for one of the second tier accounting firms starting in August. I’ll post my experiences and any hints and tips in the relevent thread soon.

I’m just writing this because the starting salary offered is £15k. Is this normal? I’ve never seen a grad job offered with such low salary! I currently have assessment centre days pending for 2 of the big 4 companies (PWC and Deloitte) but would ideally like to take this position as the company seem more friendly and the office is much more conveniently located 5 minutes down the road from me (the others are in Manchester, a good hour and a half commute in rush hour).

I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer advice on whether I should take this, whether it’s normal to negotiate on salary (but I don’t want to risk losing the offer) or whether I should wait and see if I get a big 4 offer.

I know starting salary shouldn’t be your main concern and that audit is something of a box ticking excercise while you train for ACA but this is seriously low. I’ve only ever worked for less when I was 18 and got my first call centre job (but given the rise in cost of living this is probably less to live on nowadays!). To put it in perspective my girlfriend, in her second year as a teacher is already earning over £10k a year more.

Does anyone know how fast the salary increases and whether it’s worthing taking the pay hit and just trying to skimp and save now for the pay off later?

Many thanks!


I am truly shocked at the salaries you guys are posting here. I used to work for KPMG in the US, and the starting salary was $50,000, which translates roughly to £32,000 per annum. Now i am here in the UK and you mean to tell me i will be making only half as much as i did in the US?

These figures can’t be right…


I think US salaries are a completely different story, employers know that you are coming out of university with enormous tuition fee debt compared with a mere £3k a year in the UK.


Maybe that is the case. But really these salary figures are shocking to me.


PwC was £20,000 last year and Deloitte was £19,750 for Manchester :slight_smile:


£13k is shocking…I would really reconsider that! I got £15k for a placement year! £13k for a grad role is just…wow.

I have heard in Manc. it’s around £18-20k for Audit. Just remember that without the qualification you aren’t that valuable to them! They will justly reward you once you are qualified so just see it as a couple of years of commitment to the job.
Plus £20k with the lack of social life you’ll have studying for the ACA is actually quite a lot so don’t worry!


£15k is indeed a low offer for a graduate job, if they expect you to turn up to work in a suit every day, buy a car to travel to clients etc etc. Only thing I can suggest is to carry on with other applications and see if you get a better offer. Then you can take it back to the first company and see how flexible they are.
Otherwise, just have to stick with £15k+ until you are a qualified ACA, then you can hit £30k+ pretty easily.


That 13000 surely can’t be right.
It seems the only place to make money is in the south.

Also Audit is not as bad as everyone makes out.


i saw on that it is about £24000 for the regional offices?


RSM Tenon Pay £16,500 for the first year, which rises based on exam and work performance. It increases every year and you can expect to be earning around £40k once you have qualified. The reason accounting firms pay less than other careers is becuase the ACA/ACCA/ICAS training is so expensive, some estimates have been around £100k for three years, including mentoring and learning materials.