Big 4 Restructuring


I’m currently working in the U.S, looking to join a Big 4 restructuring practice in London. Problem is, all the 2009 intakes are full.

My questions are: how difficult would it be to move from assurance to restructuring in a Big 4? Is it common to transfer between offices (PwC’s Leeds’ office is still recruiting)? Is it worth starting out at a GT/BDO in restructuring then lateralling into a Big 4?

What do you think is the best way to go about that?

Thanks for any help.




I wouldnt mind knowing that too. I’ve spoken to several relations that are chartered accountants and they said they thought I could do it, but wasnt cut out for the big 4, at least while training. But Im going to ask someone next week about getting into the big 4 once you’re qualified. At least you wouldn’t have to study for any exams. That’s another reason why I want to train with a smaller firm - better hours so more study time.
I don’t know what I want to get into - I was thinking tax or insolvency, but I would think that once you’re in then moving department or location would be very easy.