Big 4 Presentation at Assessment centre



I need to do a presentation at an assessment centre about a company whose business I would like to improve upon. I have an ideal company in mind but I already mention this as an example during my first interview and I dont know whether or not to re-use this at the assessment centre for the presentation. Will it show that I lack a wide range of ideas if I refer to the same company or should I just go for a different one?

Your thoughts/experiences on this would help greatly!


I say use the one you want to. You’ll probably get a different interviewer this time round anyway, and even if you don’t they’ll probably ahve forgotten about the specific company you talked about… remember just how many interviews these people do!

Even if your interviewer realised you’d used the same example twice, it wouldn’t matter. As long as you can talk with confidence, coherently and articulately you’ll be fine. If it really is your ‘ideal’ company, definitely use it. If you’re that confident about it, your presentation will also be confident, and you will talk more confidently as a result…

I say certainly use the company you want to use…:cool:


If your presentation is for KPMG, your second interviewer WILL know the company you talked about in your first interview. Actually, he/she will know every detail and will have the notes your first interviewer took in front of them during the partner presentation/interviewer.

My partner had obviously read these notes prior to my interview and knew one of the team examples I used in my first interview down to the timing!

That said, I dont think it will count against you if you use the same company. Although you do talk about it in your first interview, you’ll have to go into much more depth/analysis in the presentation.

I hope this has helped, if you have any more questions feel free to ask. I had my interview recently.

and on a side note: I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me here with all their posts on wikijob, just trying to return the favour :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice! I think I might just stick with the company I used on the first interview as I worked with them before and have access to so much information on them.