BIG 4 Perks


Are there any perks?

Basically, do you get a phone because I’m not sure whether to get a contract now or wait.

Also, do you get a laptop? Because otherwise I will need to buy a new.

If you do get any of these, do you have any choice in what you get!

Thanks for your time!


Well if you get a job with the Big 4 I don’t think buying a laptop or a phone will be much of a problem with the salary you’ll be on.


I don’t think that’s the case Chris, at least not for the first couple of years?


yeh, i get paid basically nothing



I’d heard 24k+ ?


yup, i’m regional office, don’t get that much…:slight_smile:


Even 24k isn’t enough to splash on new phones and laptops nowdays :slight_smile:


yeh that’s what i thought also…

Anyway…bakc to the question…do they give you any of these? does anyone know?


Deloitte certainly give their staff mobile phones and I’m pretty sure you’ll get a laptop. However, I’d advice against using your work laptop for personal use. Everything on a work laptop is monitored and you won’t be able to install extra software on it (such as MSN messenger). The mobile phone rules are fairly complicated too if you use it for personal calls (something to do with taxing the calls).

I’m sure your contact within the company should be able to answer these questions in more detail and I don’t see it cheeky to ask such questions… you’re just trying to plan ahead.


Thanks, Ezekiel, that’s great advice!


At Pwc you don’t get a mobile until 3rd year. You do get a lap top and, whialt of course this is monitored for inappropriate use, you are free to use it for whatever you want and can install what you want on it. However, you have no choice what they initially give you. But, in 3 years time, you can choose your replacement.