Big 4 offices just outside of London


Hi there,

I’m thinking of applying to the Big 4’s offices in St Albans and Watford, as I live in North West London and would rather avoid travelling down to Central every day as I have been doing that every day whilst at uni and need a change. I was wondering whether anyone knew what the salary difference is between eg an office just out of London and one in central London for audit in a Big 4 firm? Any information would be appreciated, thanks.


It is probably more towards the London salary rather than regional because sometimes when London is full they offer some people places in the ‘satellite’ offices

Hopefully someone who knows will come along and mention it


It won’t be huge but could be as much as £2K - £3K a year.


That doesn’t sound too bad. Thats not really that much of a reduction. I’m keen to find out how much PwC pay in their London ‘satellite’ offices, I’m still waiting to receive my contract from them!

From what i was told at interview, Deloitte are paying a London salary to grads applying to their Reading office in a bid to attract talented graduates that would normally apply to London.


I’m starting at Deloitte in Gatwick in October and will be on London Salary for corporate tax


Does anybody know if its the same for PwCs satellite London offices, Gatwick, Uxbridge etc? Is the pay the same as Central London?

I know we would study at the same central London college for the ACA, so im hoping it is the same.




St Albans definately pay the same as London for tax.