Big 4 offer issue


Hi all,

I am in weird situation and I would really appreciate your advice. I got an offer from two of Big 4 firms. I submitted my application form in September 2009 when I was supposed to start my MSc degree. So I included this MSc degree, as well as my undergraduate degree in the application form. But after a month at the university I withdrew from masters degree (simply because I couldn’t get finances sorted). However, later on I did go through interviews and AC for a graduate role, but didn’t tell them about the situation ( I wasn’t really asked about uni’s really). And now there is a dilemma: will my undergraduate degree be enough or will they cancel their offers? The problem is I graduated in 2003.


assuming the undergrad degree meets the requirements it could be enough

however the main issue is that you purposely withheld information and led them to continue believing something which was not true

ultimately hr will find out when they do a background check

you need to phone them and let them know asap - a lot depends on the partner and whether he thinks s/he can still trust you

lots of other people will have applied too - you cannot afford to tell untruths in the current climate - as they can easily hire someone else


As mentioned by GradJobHunter, you need to let me know ASAP, especially before the financial year ends. I do not think it will be a problem if you have not completed your MSc. However, this also depends on how weight was put in your favour because of the MSc that you were doing. If it was not a lot, then fine…you should be ok. If not, then it is up to them to decide.

The best thing right now though is to let them know ASAP.


Was your offer a conditional offer based on your MSc? Some people get conditional offers based on them getting a 2:1.

Was anything mentioned in your offer?


i think there is a good chance you are screwed… I wouldn’t hire someone who wouldnt tell me something like tht and graduated 7 years ago…


@ talha499: You are so harsh in your judgment. This could happen to anyone…what is wrong with graduating 7 years ago? At least 7 years post-graduation experience breeds professional experience and most importantly tact and maturity!
Amah1981: You need to post what HR said to you…this will help to show that you are NOT screwed, as suggested above!


I kinda agree with what Gradjobhunter said, a friend of mine had his offer withdrawn after a background check over a smaller issue than this one. I would tell them as soon as possible and see what they have to say. Isn’t there a max of 2 years work experience for graduate roles anyways?


I graduated in 2005 and have been offered a position, so I don’t feel time after graduation is an issue in this case. You do need to come forward and present your case for the MSc though. Show them records that confirm at the time of your application you had a place on the MSc, and I’d see if you can get a letter stating that you weren’t kicked out for disciplinary reasons.


Agree with talha499, have heard of people having offers withdrawn for much less serious indiscretions


it wasn’t an indiscretion though as he told the truth when he filed in the form. Sure, he could have pointed it out to them sooner when his circumstances changed, but their entry requirements are a degree, not an MSc, so he might be fine.