Big 4: Non-UK National (Asia). Experienced Hire. What Are My Chances Of Getting Hired in the UK?




I am a non-uk national currently working for EY in Asia region.
I am interested in working in the UK, but I hear that they may not offer working visas?
I studied uni in UK, was so close to scoring a KPMG offer but then I couldn’t attend the partner interview and had to let go of this opportunity…
After going back to my home country for 2 years, I still wanna work in UK!
Any success cases of people applying and actually granted working visa?



Hi there,

From experience, it is fairly difficult (especially in the current climate) on getting a sponsored visa with a Big4, although it’s not impossible!

As you already work for EY, the easiest option here by far is to transfer or secure a secondment to a UK office. Have you considered this? Definitely do some research and ask your home firm. There is still lots of movement for secondees; I’m sure there are lots of people in UK offices that want to work in Asia!

If you want to leave EY and apply separately to a UK office, its not impossible but I would start with your networks. Reach out to people that you know who work at the firms and ask their advice. It may be that a certain sector/ area is looking for people and you can target those!

Hope this helps! Good luck.