Big 4 need help with interview questions


How to answer the question like ‘Have you applied for other companies’? Shall I be honest? If I answer yes, will it affect my application?

Thank you.


Just be honest, they will know you are lying. It would be stupid to apply for only one firm so tell them where else you have applied to but make sure that you say that it is where you’re interviewing that you really want to work for x,y and z reasons.


I was honest with all companies when answering this question. If you’ve applied to similar schemes they know you’re actually interested in this area of work and it wasn’t a random choice. I also followed it up saying where I was up to with other companies and how they’d compared to the company I was being interviewed by. Of course, they’re never as good. :wink:


WikiJob has an extended article on this - see [[common interview questions]].

You should be truthful. You should certainly say you’ve applied elsewhere - if you say you’ve only applied to one company it looks very stupid - but Ezekiel is correct… make sure you infer that the company you are interview with is your favourite and make sure you can explain why too (e.g. they seem to have the best training, the most interesting work and an amazing CSR programme).


Thank you very much!! Very helpful!


How would you answer a question that asks you to demonstrate a clear understanding of Customer Orientation and this is one of their competencies? I would like to have two ready. Thanks