Big 4 Graduate Schemes


Hi everyone,

Was wondering if someone could help give a definitive breakdown of graduate schemes in the Big 4 accounting firms (Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, Ernst and Young)

Would like to know the following:

-The typical working hours, including during “busy periods”
-The qualifications that you can do whilst working in these departments and how long it will take to qualify or complete professional qualifications (especially for Actuarial)
-Difficulty of professional exams
-Typical work done and which of the big 4 is most prestigious in this area
-Amount of travel involved
-Salary and bonuses in first year and its progression (ie. with exams or at the end of the official graduate scheme)
-Career progression

for each of:

Corporate Finance

There is too much stuff to sift through on here and other forums…and half of it is half to make sense of!

Thank you!!!