Big 4 Graduate Hiring Process?


Hi there,
I finish my master’s in September and will be applying for graduate schemes with the Big 4 as soon as they open for September 2017 intake, so like beginning of September. I just want to know from anyone who did it this year how long the process takes from when you first apply? PwC’s website says 4-6 weeks but I found a website that says KPMG’s assessment centres aren’t until January? I want to do some travelling in my time off but not sure of when I’ll definitely be able to go, is February a safe bet? I also have a family holiday 1st-18th October do you think it’s advisable not to go as I might have an interview or assessment centre in that time? I’m guessing it would look bad to rearrange.


KPMG last year: applied in november, passed the tests, had my phone interview in January (they said they are really busy), AC in February and offer about a week later. I didn’t have to do a partner interview as I applied for the summer internship. Btw, they’ve opened for September 2017 already.