Big 4 Final Assessment Centre success rate?



I’ve got my Final Assessment Centre with Deloitte tomorrow and was just wondering if any one knew roughly how many people get a job offer after making it through to the final round?

I heard that 1in 10 of initial applicants get job offers, but have no clue how many of them make it through to the Assessment Centres, I’m assuming a lot get filtered out on the Online Tests and First Interviews?


well if 1 in 15 make it at kpmg, then 1 in 20 probably make it for assessment, kpmg have approximately 1000 jobs every summer n receive 15000 applications from graduates. so its hard to tell you how many make it through to assessment but if you meet requirements and you read thoroughly on whats expected then i dont see why they wont invite you! i suggest reading,



How can 1 in 15 make it at KPMG if only 1 in 20 are invited to assessment?


I know that last year ernst & young received 19,000 applications for 1000 places (so 1 in 19) and that most get rejected at application stage but im not sure how many get to the assessment day but from word of mouth you will have done well to get that far and they must be seriously considering you for the place


I heard from a talk at University that 80,000 people apply to KPMG each year, so if you got to the Assesment Centre stage, you are doing pretty well.

I think the 80,000 might be an overestimation though.


E&Y stats: 19,000 applications per year for approximately 1100 positions.
13000 rejected after the application form and online tests

I estimate that they probably cut this down by over 50% after the first round interviews to approximately 6000
1 in 6 chance at the assessment centre to getting a place


If there are 19,000 applicants and 13,000 are rejected by the end of the online tests, then surely only 6,000 make it through to the first interview? Therefore I’d assume it’s a lot less that make it to the final assessment centre. 3000 perhaps? That way its about 1 in 3?


1 in 3 through the AC.


I reckon it’s higher than that. When I was at AC, the associate who took me out told me it was 75%. I took 3 candidates out to lunch last year, and 2 of them received offers.


ive got an assesment centre in the next couple of days for quite a niche area at Deloitte and its only me and one other in the centre that day for that department! It must be 1 in 2 there i suppose. But I honestly think it depends what area you have applied for.


Sorry yes, for some reason I thought I had already calculated it down to 13000 being left after the online stage, but it’s 13000 rejected, so 6000 make it to a first interview then I would estimate 50%, so 3000 and 1 in 3.


It is stated on the KPMG website somewhere that the success rate after you get to the assessment centre is 1/3. I assume that the number of applicants in general should be the same for atleast the Big 4 firms and all of them hire almost a 1000 trainees each year. so 1/3 would not be a bad estimate


Is it really only 1 in 3?? Argh! I was hoping it would be something like 2 in 3 or better


I talked to someone at KPMG and he said our vacancies are filled on first come first take basis. This means if 10 people have been invited to AC, they are not competing with each other. If they all perform well they all will be hired. KPMG doesnot keep vacancies empty for people planning to apply, by rejecting genuine applicants who have already made to the last stage.

This means apply as early as possible and do the best, you will be selected for sure!


Are you talking about odds overall or on any one a/c?? Because on an assessment day if a firm wanted to hire every1 they would or equally they could hire none so it isnt a competition between each applicant


What they mean is that they hold any AC with open mind. They dont hold it with this thing in mind that they have to select only 4 best out of 10. They have a theshhold, if applicants pass their criteria they all will be selected. If only 5 pass that criteria they will select 5 and call another A/C where they will invite upto 5 more applicants to attend, if only 5 vacancies are left.

So all candidates are not competing with each other to perform better than the other. This competetion arises when 4 top performers are to be selected out of 10. Here every candidate can be selected.


Uzairch - I think the question relates to the proportion of assessment centre applicants to job offers overall, not just to individual A/Cs.

Having said that, it’s good to hear that you aren’t directly in competition with the other people at your assessment day!


On average the figures are:

33% make it to the first round interview.

Of those people, 33% then make it to the assessment centre.

And of those, 50% will be made an offer.


Jaxxo where did you get those figures from?


Some get fastracked too :stuck_out_tongue: