Big 4 - consulting v. tax / Where are the graduate positions?

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I graduated recently and am starting a masters this year. Wikijobs is a great place to share career information and I hope that someone here can help me…

As between consulting and tax at the Big 4, I do prefer consulting, but my degree is more relevant to tax than consulting; the Big 4 state that they accept applications from all degree disciplines, but I would expect them to have preferences.

As between Consulting and Tax, I am wondering:

  1. Which department has more graduate placements? I read that the Big 4 hire significant numbers of people, but I can’t find a breakdown indicating how many graduate placements there are in Audit, Consulting and Tax.
  2. What is the relative size of the Audit, Consulting and Tax departments? i.e. is tax a small department with few graduate positions?
  3. What are the degree preferences for Consulting and Tax? i.e. which disciplines are preferred for both business areas.

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At KPMG we accept applications from all degree disciplines. There are only a few routes (i.e. Risk and Compliance - Economics and Regulation) where we require a degree in a specific field. Otherwise, we review all applications on a the same basis and are consistent with all candidates.

The Audit department is our largest, then Advisory, followed by Tax. However, Advisory is growing rapidly due to the need for Advisors in the current economic climate. The department size also varies on office location.

We still have vacancies for a 2010 intake, therefore please visit our website for more information on graduate programmes and for information on vacancies.

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