Big 4 Audit Salary (Regional office)


Hi everyone,

I have received an offer from KPMG and was trying to find out how it stacked up against the average.
I’ve applied to PwC & Deloitte too and have assessment days lined up for them in the near future.

For anyone that has received an offer/know someone that has - what is the starting salary for audit in Manchester, Bristol or Reading?

Also if anyone wants any advice on the application process I’m more than happy to help out.


Regional offices will usually being about £21k. However the reading office should be more due to its proximity to London. :slight_smile:


Hello robst3,

the average starting salary for an audit in Manchester is £34,589. You can go to:

If you need to find out about another job at another location, just change the information on the search box. Hope this helps.


Does anyone know what roughly it would be starting at Reading?

Thanks for the link - guessing that is for auditors in general though hence the high figure, not for graduate trainees,