Big 4 applications closing


I just read on another topic that KPMG’s 2009 Audit programme in London has closed already. Isn’t this unusually early? I’ve been told by so many people that it was fine to apply in the new year or later. Also, I actually already applied over the summer, got through to the Assessment Centre stage and was then rejected but was told I could apply again 6 months later (and be fast-tracked to the AC) so now I’m really disappointed…

I was also wondering in anyone knows if the applications are still open for Audit London 2009 for the other 3? Is it me or is there no way of finding out on their websites?



Correction: you can find out on the websites, and it looks like the Deloitte and PwC applications are still open but Ernst & Young’s aren’t. Assuming I’ve understood correctly. Anyone agree/disagree?


Think you’re right Buckets. But remember, sometimes applications can re-open, and specific schemes can open later, if in doubt, call/email HR and keep checking!


Thanks, that’s helpful, I’ll do that!