Big 4 and CRB checks.... Help please


Hi all,

I have just been offered a graduate scheme position with one of the Big 4 but I have got myself into a panic about the CRB checks and what will show up.

Though I have no criminal convictions I was issued a caution for common assault just over 2 years ago. I understand that the form only asks you to disclose criminal convictions and that cautions are “spent” immediately after issue and do not have to be declared on the application form but this job for me is a dream come true. I have struggled through abuse, a broken family and poverty where I have been paying for all my expenses since 16 working long hours for crappy pay to enable my further and higher education. This job for me represents reward for my dedication and perseverance.

This caution is the only blemish on my criminal record and an isolated incident. Friends have assured me that it doesn’t matter and it won’t affect my offer of employment but I can’t help but worry. I have also through further investigation found that when signing your ICAEW contract they ask whether you have ever been on the end of criminal proceedings (or something to that end) and not just about “criminal convictions” as such I am a little worried that the ICAEW will not permit to study towards the ACA on that basis.

My questions are:

Will it show up? (Do they do an enhanced CRB for this to be the case)
Will it matter? (Since it isn’t theft or fraud)
Will they want more information?
When it comes to the contract signing should I list this offense or tick the “no” box.
Am I needlessly worrying?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve just posted an answer to you on the student room forum.

I’m JWcasse


What stage are you at with it now?


Hey any updates on this?