Big 4, 2015 intake, application opening dates


Hi all,

I’m considering applying to the big 4 graduate programmes (either advisory or audit, still a little undecided) for the 2015 intake and was wondering if anybody had any information on when the applications open? I know it’s usually around July but any more information would be great.

Also, does anybody know when the telephone interviews usually start taking place? I will be travelling late August/early September so don’t want to apply early if it means that I won’t be able to take the telephone interview!



Hi there,

The graduate applications for the Big4 usually open on 1 September each year for the following year intake.
Internship applications usually open around 1 July.

Telephone interviews will begin pretty much as soon as you go through the online application and tests! If you pass both of those stages it will be just a few weeks until you have organised a telephone interview. If you apply early, the process can go fairly quickly.

If you are travelling you can inform the firm of this and they can delay your interview until you’re back. I would try to schedule it as soon as possible, however, just because the places get filled pretty quickly.

Hope this helps! Good luck.