Big 4 2013 application opening dates


Does anyone (roughly) know the application opening dates for 2013 internships/graduate jobs? I think KPMG is around the start of July.

Does anyone know more precise details?


Deloitte’s applications open on July 1st.


I’m really keen to apply straight away, my only concern is that for the final three weeks of August I’m away travelling. I’m worried that while I’m away I may be offered an interview for example, and not know about it or not have time to prepare etc. My dilemma is whether to apply straight away and try and inform them I won’t be available for those weeks or to wait until I come back to apply.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?


When I was applying for internships at the big 4 last year I was living abroad and they were all very flexible with dates for interviews, they just call you up and see when you’re available. Also, Deloitte opened yesterday and KPMG says it’s open although I’ve not been able to actually get in to apply.

When you’re applying you can put in dates that you’re unavailable and if you miss a call when you’re away they’ll email you, so I’d definitely say apply as soon as possible.


E & Y have opened however not it all locations, as of yet.


I think with KPMG you can only sign up job alerts at the moment.


KPMG are open now. As are E&Y and Deloitte, I haven’t seen anything for PwC for 2013 yet though.


If we apply during July, is it possible to get interviews during August or September this year?


Yes, I believe so.

But depends on which office - I am aware that a few of the London offices want to avoid the Olympics as much as possible and so August may have fewer interviews / assessment days.