Bias in Big 4 interview— write to HR?

The Graduate


I say this most humbly and after a lot of reflection. I do not consider myself entitled.

I recently interviewed for an experienced hire position at one of the Big 4 firms in their London offices.

Besides 12 years of experience, I also have several professional and educational qualifications in my field. I recently completed a graduate degree from a feeder school (one of top 2 in the UK).

I was called directly for a face-to-face interview, which in itself was surprising and this proved to be of consequence.

I was told that there would be two people interviewing me, one of whom is at a director-partner level. However, only one person, at a senior manager level turned up for the interview.

I prefer and seek multiple-person interviews, with at least one senior employee present, because I have certain physical limitations / ethnicity attributes, that can easily bias an inexperienced manager into concluding that I might be unsuitable for client-facing roles.

I personally feel that the interview went really well. I hold myself to very high standards. I would never lull myself into attaching excellence to mediocrity.

Yesterday, I was given detailed feedback, mostly positive but the negatives were around me citing anecdotes from experience prior to the recent 3-4 years and that some answers were theoretical.

I could only do so because the past 2 years was focussed on completing the graduate master’s degree.

I feel there was strong bias on the part of the interviewer which was unable to be negated by the presence of a second, more experienced interviewer.

Further, a first-level telephone round should have helped eliminate me at the outset, if strong recent experiences were an absolute requirement.

Can I write to the HR about my experiences?