BG group online test


Can anybody provide me some information about BG group numerical and verbal reasoning test? I would be very grateful!!


I have no specific experience of the BG tests, but they are highly likely to be [[SHL]] type tests, much like the practice tests on WikiJob. Which graduate scheme are you applying for?


i have applied for engineering position. The tests on wikijobs contains some terms in tables and charts which iam not familiar with espcially sample 2.Is it the same case with BG exams?


Mate BG online test is hardcore… Its SHL and it uses demography for its questions. I would advice you to learn your demography and practise questions drafted in tables.

You need quite alot of practises…


Hi There… i know it have been so long since your last post, but i would really appreciate it if you can let me know how was the exam (if you did take it). is it hard to pass? if would take it again… from where would you practice? how would u prepare… Thanks a Milli :wink:


The exams are typical to the shl samples. Its not difficult to pass if you manage ur time in an efficient way and if you dont know a question move to the next one. As for the numerical test,typically there will be five data sets on which there will be about 40 questions on them (as far as i can remember).U can also practice the samples present on wikijob, its also good. The more you solve the more you will be able to answer.

As for the verbal test, practice the shl tests and the tests here, it would not help much cause u cannot improve ur language in a short period,(if your mother tongue is not english). just remember the time management tip.

I hope that would help, good luck.


Hi mates!
could you, please, give me some tips about passing the verbal and numerical assessment??

how is it?? how does it work?
what kind of questions are asked?