bg group 2012


Hi has anyone heard back yet from BG group following the online tests??

I applied for Wells, done the tests a few weeks back and the application still reads “under consideration”

If the final outcomes of employment are by February, id have hoped there would be responses for assessment centre by now right?




same position mate


I actually heard they will be holding assessment centers on the 8th and 9th of March. So all BG Group hopefuls you might receive invitations this week.


@Chow, you are right. Just got an invite today for an AC coming up on the 8th of March. Anyone in the same shoe?
Also, I’ll highly appreciate if anyone can help on what to expect in the technical interview as I was told there will be group exercise and personal interview(Technical and behavioral).



I am also still awaiting for their response. I have sent them a couple of emails but I have had no response from them. Does anyone know their contact number?I have also applied to Wells. What degree course where you on @Downey?

What programme had you applied to @sol? and congrats on your invitation.


I emailed for clarification on what to expect and the reply was:
2 group exercises
competence and technical interview
presentation and debate
in-tray exercise


Who can provide a more comprehensive overview of what to expect in the Assessment Center


Especially those doing theirs on Thursday 8th, can you guys post for us on Friday 9th?


Hi mates!
could you, please, give me some tips about passing the verbal and numerical assessment??

how is it?? how does it work?
what kind of questions are asked?



Its basically shl… do some shl trial of basic graph interpretations and comprehension…


Has anybody who applied to Well Engineering heard back from them?


that is after the online tests?


ok thanks!

but is it based on a fixed number of questions to be solved in 35mins (e.g.) or is it a time based assessment (higher number of correct questions in 35mins) ?


has anyone made the telephone interview those applying on Pet Eng grad program? please share the experience