BG graduate interview program


Please, anyone’s gone through the BG graduate program interview process and could give the necesary pointers. Would really appreciate it. Lots of thanks


Hey Bee, I missed this post back in September. How is your application/interviews going? Any success?!


Hey guys,

anyone heard from bg group recently? I havent heard anything since the end of Nov. when i passed the online tests~?

Thanks in advance




I haven’t even heard anything from BG group since i submitted my application about 3 months ago, and thats despite me emailing them and them then saying in ‘due course’! Hope u av at least heard since ur last post, and how long did it take 4 em 2 get bk 2 u frm ur intial app?




Hey msra5dk2 & PD,

Did you receive any updates on your application recently. They took nearly a month to get back to me after the online tests. Let me know how your application progressed.




Hi Vikram, BG group take an age to get back to ppl! Still have not heard back, but hopefully will get a few jobs sorted before that, in which case i can reject BG


Thanks msra5dk2.

I have been called in for an assessment next week. Wondering wat I can expect. Hoping to gain some info regarding BG assessment from here. Lets see.

All the best with your search.




Is anybody out there applying for 2011 BG graduate opportunities? No threads on here are active with discussion this year…how strange…


hey Dee boy, iam applying for 2011 bg graduate opportunities, which category r u applying for? and what degree r u holding?


I applied to commercial scheme & have a business background. I completed the online reasoning tests 2 wks ago & still waiting to hear if I made it to interviews.

How abt u ahmedbahgat…what program did u apply to? whats’s your degree background? & Most importantly what stage in the recruitment process are u at? It seems like BG take forever to get back to candidates…


I applied for the engineering and operations program,iam a mechanical engineer. how was the online reasoning test,??? ive heard that its too difficult?

I just filled an application and waiting for their call, it seems that u r far ahead of me,

Good luck


Cheers…gdluck also!!
The testing is the same as any other…practice SHL & u’ll be fine…
Its numeracy and verbal…but u have to pass numeracy before the system allows u to do the verbal. Also you may need to be patient cos it took over a month for HR to ask me to do online tests after i submitted my app…they are sooo slow!!!


where can i find the SHL tests?


Hey Dee Boy, I’m in the same position as you, did the tests over two weeks ago and still waiting to hear back (commercial scheme too). You’re right, they take absolutely ages! Let me know if you hear anything!!
Have you applied to any other energy companies?


@ ahmedbahgat…just type ‘shl’ into google & u will see links u can follow to practice tests.

@ Anon1987…soo good to know im not alone in this…waiting for these slow pple. Yeah will let u know…let me know aswell if any news comes through. I applied to other firms like ExxonMobil & Bp…but mainly applied to financial services & consultancy firms. How about you?


Yeah same. Exact same mix but with a definite preference for international oil & gas companies.

There doesn’t seem to be that much on wikijob about this sector… Well, me and you might end up posting successful walkthroughs on here! (fingers crossed)


Yup lets hope we can make it all the way…fingers crossed…

Just PM’d you actually…


Hey, I did the tests long time back too. Applied for the analyst role. Anyone know the pay?


Telephone interview booked.


Hey stepney1,

Congrats on getting to interview! Did they say why it is a telephone interview and not a face-to-face? Do you live abroad?