Best Law Firm


If you could get a training contract with any law firm which would it be, and why?

In short - which is the best Law Firm for a trainee?


Tough question! …and not easily answered…

There is no such thing as the “best” training contract or law firm. This totally depends on you! For example:

-What your specific interests are: If you’ve enjoyed studying certain areas of the law do you want to continue with these and specialise in them? Do you want to be involved in media law, environmental law, human rights laws, etc, etc.

-What your personality is like: do you want to work for a huge city law firm with some highly competitive people, a medium size firm where things will be a little less pressured, or a local firm where things will be much more laid back?

-How you envisage yoru career: Do you want to earn a six figure salary by the time you are 30 (if so pick magic circle firms) or are you content with less (but still decent) pay packets?

In my personal opinion, I highly rate Slaughter and May out of the Magic cricle firms, although they are ALL good, obviously. Slaughters offers excellent training, pay, travel and they’ll look after you as long as you work hard for them…but you have to work, hard.

Medium size firms I rate would be Olswang (media and IP specialist) and Ashurst. Bird and Bird have a good rep for intellectual property too…I consider work/life balance important too so I consider a lot of the Bristol law firms to be good, as things over that way tend to be a little slower and more easy to handle, than the city.

If you just want to get the most money during your GDL/LPC and travel a lot during training pick any magic circle firm. However, if you are serious about the law as a long term career, put some thought into where you want to be in ten years, and what matters to you in a firm and in a training contract!

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Undoubtedly Slaughter and May - most renowned law firm in the city, one of the highest salaries for new trainees, great training, great departments, great support/support staff, the money they provde for GDL/LPC is also very good.

Where have you been looking at?