Best App for IBD Interview Prep?


Hey guys,

I have used a bunch of online guides and this forum, but think that apps and micro learning is also a convenient way to practise. Are there any apps that you can recommend for numerical / verbal tests, general interview prep, etc. that is tailored for investment banking?


I had my superday the other week and pretty much all of the questions which came up I had already practised in the Investment Banking Guide. Including a large set of numerical questions (also included in the app).


I have used two apps, one called Investment Banking Guide and the other Jobjuice Fin. & Inv. Banking. They are both priced relatively similar, however the former one is a lot more comprehensive. Helped me out a lot!


I agree - online guides are great, but not so convenient when you are on the bus, travelling, etc. Downloaded Investment Banking Guide yesterday and think it does the trick.


As mentioned previously, Investment Banking Guide is probably the best one. Haven’t seen too many around though.


Investment Banking Guide


The app with the IBD logo is the one I am using


Agree with previous commentators, Investment Banking Guide is quite helpful actually


What I liked about the Investment Banking Guide was their sections on valuation concepts