BEST answers to TRICKY interview questions


Hi all,

just wondering…

what is the best reply to “are you currently interviewing with other banks apart from us?” OR
“do you have an offer with another bank?” and suppose you say yes, “then why are you interviewing with us?”

I find myself in trouble answering this kind of questions, and they do come up a lot in phone interviews and ACs.

what would be the best way to go about them SAFELY and still show your commitment to the bank you are interviewing with?

any thoughts on this?


I think this presents a dilemma for any candidate. “No” could point to the fact that how come no one else is interested in you or they may think your lying. The consequences of saying yes have been eluded by you.

I would personally say yes but make it clear why the bank interviewing you is your first choice and stands out from the rest. Try and sound convincing, which I agree is easier said than done.


well, i agree that these are by far the most difficult questions one can get in an interview…not even the technical ones scare me so much especially because things get screwed very easily based on your answer to these Qs.


Just state that interest has been expressed from a few companies but nothing concrete has materialized as of yet!!!


I was thinking about this same exact question today. I’d agree with what Einhorn said…



It is but natural that we are going to apply to more than one bank especially given the fact that these banks are inundated with applications. I am sure that any bank will appreciate this but at the same time expect us to justify why their bank is special to us!!


You could tell them that you do have other job offers, but that their organisation is the one you really want to work for otherwise you could easily have cancelled the interview and accepted the other offer already. Just point out to them that the fact you are being interviewed even though you have another offer should show that they are the company you are commited to.



Thanks a lot for your input. Looking back, I believe I did not handle these questions well enough to get through…but
hopefully I will improve for the next time if i get another chance…:))