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Berwin Leighton Paisner


I have an interview at Berwin Leighton Paisner coming up - nervous! I’ve heard it’s a nightmare…can anyone tell me anything about the interview process, etc?:confused:


Training Contracts at Berwin Leighton Paisner …ok!..

Your interview day should be something like this:
-You arrive and they will give you lots of information about firm.
-You will pitch/present something to “a client”
-You will draft a letter to a client giving advice. This may be something like giving advice to a landlord and tenant on a housing issue.
-There will be a negotiation exercise.
-You will have a Partner interview.

The presentation and the negotiation exercise are the key parts of the assessment. Your assessors are looking for clear, confident and articulate candidates, so try to act this way if you can. Do not be afraid to voice an opinion, or to stand up for yourself if others do not share your views.

The partner interwiew is apparently, ‘relaxed’. You will be asked about your CV and application form. There may also be a random commercial awareness question and probably a question about the firm and what they do. It’s very important to read up properly on the firm and do your research so you can talk at length and show your knowledge. You may also be asked some ethical questions about confidentiality.

Expect the following questions at interview:
-why have you decided upon a career in law?
-why have you chosen BLP over other firms?
-why have you decided upon a city firm over regional firms/smaller firms?

They’re also likely to ask you about feedback from vacation schemes you may have been on and also from your work experience. They’ll ask for your reflections, and also what your feedback was from the firms you worked at.

Prepare for a discussion about your CV and academic history. They’ll ask about your choices at A Level and for Degree (why have you chosen your course/why did you chose to study at …[University of…]…). Prepare to explain your results/grades if these are not consistent. It’s very important to read up properly on the firm because any knowledge you have that others don’t will make you stand out from others and further, the firm are likely to ask you why you chose to apply to them.

If anyone can add anything to this, or has recently been on an interview/assessment day at Berwin Leighton Paisner your information would be warmly received! A visit to Berwin Leighton Paisner Training Contract Application Process | WikiJob may also be useful…

Best of luck!