Bentley Motor online graduate test


What is the nature of Bentley motors online graduate level test? I will appreciate a quick response



I was just wondering if you had had any look finding info out about the online graduate tests for Bentley?

Ive been asked to take two tests but I’m not too sure whether these are literacy/mathematical/psychometric. Did you take the tests in November? If so what were they like?

Many thanks!


Basically PSL Test. Numerical and verbal.


hey guys, has anyone completed the telephone interview, if so what was it like???


Hey everyone,

I would also be curious to know what the telephone interviews are like, I have one this week!

I read that its only 15 minutes so I’m not sure what it will be like, just motivations for Bentley and your functional area?

Just to answer the above posts, its just a numerical followed by verbal tests as standard.

Any advice would be appreciated!!



Ive got my Bentley telephone coming up…any tips?

Please Help!


I am performing my numerical and verbal reasoning tests today. Any further tips?

Ill try to resume what I will see in my screen.


Hello everybody,

where can I find the answers about the questions here concerning the Bentley online test?




Bentley Motors’ is Kenexa (formerly PSL) test. Numerical and verbal reasoning tests.
Numerical: 20 questions and 20 minute time limit
Verbal test: 24 questions and 18 minutes.
Can go back and forth in both num and verbal. Have to ready quickly to understand the questions and look for quick answers. There are usually shortcut solutions to more than 50% of the questions in numerical test. You could get the correct answers for some problems in 10 seconds if you know what to do. GraduateMonkey has Kenexa style num test tutorial packs (Ebooks and Video tuts). Recommend using them.