Being Proactive??


Hi all

i’m just wondering how other people feel about being proactive in advancing their careers and how they do it (outside of annual staff reviews).

Should you push your supervisor / manager to give you more responsibility or leave them to ‘manage’ you? Has anyone got any tips that are useful in gaining more challenging tasks? I’ve tried volunteering on projects etc but i believe that i am capable of doing so much more.
Its getting a but frustrating.



I’d like to know how other people handle this situation too. I’m really shy and would never push myself forward or demand extra responsibilities.

Would really like to hear other peoples’ experiences and tips. My only thought is to say something at appraisal time, if the opportunity arises.



I agree that this is a tricky problem.

My guess is that we should all be more assertive than we think is acceptable (being naturally reserved) and try to guage our supervisors / managers approach to staff.