Been offered a place at KPMG for 2015



Hi Guys,

So WikiJob really helped me calm my nerves and better prepare for the stages of the application process, so I’d like to give something back!

I might not be able to remember exact questions but I’m happy to try and help!



Hi Lucy

I’m just wondering if you’re the same Lucy I met at AC who is doing tax I think in Manchester?

I also have a job offer and start the tax scheme in Jan in Bristol :smiley:


Sadly not, I’ll be in the Bristol office. But congrats!


I’m starting at the Bristol office too! Which division are you in? Are you starting Jan or Sept?

I’m starting tax in Jan :slight_smile:


Just realised I already said that- sorry!


Starting audit in Sept if I accept… PWC offered me a job today too!


Congrats! Good luck with your decision.


Congrats on being offered a place! I’m also looking to do Tax but in London and I’m about to my telephone interview for KPMG. What questions were you asked?





I’ve given someone else some advice via pm so ive copied some here…
Before mine I compiled a few examples I could relate to their core competencies, try and think of at least one strong example but always have a back up just in case they ask for a second example. Think of how you could use the star technique for these as it helps structure your answer better.
The interviewer mixes up the questions between competency and scenario, so don’t let this put you off. They also ask about kpmg and the industry.

Best advice I can give is have lots of notes in front of you spread out so you don’t have to go through them all trying to find the right one, I lay them out in sections ie competencies, current news, KPMG. I know it sounds cliche but by being yourself and taking your time, you come across more confident and ultimately perform better!

PM me if you need anything else :).

Good luck,