Hey all,

I have an assessment day coming up with BDO and was wondering if anyone who’s been through the process can tell me about their experience of it. I believe the structure of the day has changed over the last few years - in any case it now consists of a group exercise, in-tray, presentation and partner interview.

Thanks in advance!


Hi DarkKnightX,
Congrats on getting through to the assessment centre, Can I ask if you have had it, and if so how was it?


ive got one with BDO on monday! could you share ur experiences?


hi grady 2013, could you share your experiences on the assessmnet centre? i ve got one coming up soon. thanks


Failry straight AC, only issue is the Intray. I found it extremely difficult. Make sure you practice a couple of them before to get the technique


Hi grady 2013 thank you. could you please brief me on what the intray was about? its quite urgent as I have an ac tomorrow.