BDO Video Interview



Hi, what kind of questions can I expect in the video interview?


Hi i have my video interview in a few days could you give me an insight of what questions came up for your video interview


Hiya! does anyone have any tips on how to prepare for the video interview and what kind of questions will come up? thanks!


Hey, how did your video interview go? What questions came up?


Hi MSCAC, could you tell me more about the video interview? i’m applying for a placement and got an invitation. thank you


Hey, can anyone tell me the kind of questions that came up for BDO video interview?


Hey mate, congrats! Remember the questions for video interview? cheers


Hey mate, do you remember the questions for the video interview? would be a great help! cheers


I got the invitation to the video interview of BDO for the spring-entry position. Could you please share with me what questions you were asked? How do you construct the answers?
Or any tips on the video interview will be much appreciated!!


Hi! I was wondering if you might have had your video interview already? Would you be able to let me know what the questions were like? Thanks


Hi, please could someone share more info about video interview as I am having difficulties to find out details? Is there a case-study and numerical part, or only questions?


Hi mjk1994,

would you be able to share any information on the video interview?



Hi Ash2o,

just wondering if you’ve had your BDO video interview yet?

Any help on the questions would be useful.


Have you completed this yet? i am also really struggling to find any information