BDO Video Interview



Hello Friends
I am creating this page for everyone to share their experiences for the BDO’s latest strength based video interview and also any ideas to help each-other in preparing for this interview.


Hi Audit2017, how was the video interview overall, if you don’t mind me asking? Was it different to a normal competency-based interview? Thanks :slight_smile:


I received an email that I passed the Video interview and had some pretty positive feedback all-around; if anyone needs help drop me a PM


Hi, I’ve just received my invite for a video interview, any tips would be appreciated!


Hi, any advice on the video interview? can you remember any questions that were asked? thanks in advance!


Hi there,

Congratulations. Would you mind sharing what questions they asked you. Please. I might have it soon for Audit graduate.


Got my video interview tomororw, anyone got any tips to help Me? Thanks


hey, how is your video interview? can you share any tips? thanks


congratulations hope u get the job. i have it in 4 days. woukd you mind sharing some questions. please reallly nervous


Congratulations man! hope you get the job. Would you mind letting me know what questions you faced. really nervouce


Congratulations on passing the video interview. If you don’t mind me asking, What kind of questions were asked in the interview?


Just had a call to say I’ve passed my video interview, any tips on the AC?


Hello, I am going to take the video interview in 3 days. Would you mind share the questions asked with me? BTW, how many questions are there in total?


hi, i have my video interview today. If there is any way you could give me an idea of what questions to expect id be so grateful!! thank you


Hey Chedders

do you remember the video interview questions? can you please share your experience.


Hey Libby

Do you remember video interview questions?


Hi Grad, I hope your application goes well. I am wondering do you mind sharing some experience and questions you were asked in the video interview? I am about to do it in few days, and I am very nervous about it. Thank you in advance.


Hi, I’ve also just received an invite for the video interview, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hi Grad2017, I was interested in knowing more about the video assessment as i have one coming up. Could you please explain how the process is structured, your experience with it, and any tips and advice. Thank you


Hey, hope you’re well…i have my video interview in a few days, was hoping you could share what questions you were asked? thank you!