BDO round one question- have you applied for any of Big 4?


“Have you applied to any of the Big 4 firms?”

This is one of the questions I was asked at a first round interview for assurance at BDO.
What are they getting at? What do they want to hear?

On one hand I think they want to know that I’ve applied to all of them, as it shows I’m committed to the career.
On the other hand I think they want to know that I’ve sussed out BDO’s unique qualities and showed preference for them over the Big 4.

Is it wise to tone down the truth for this question and position my BDO application somewhere in the middle? Say, yes, I’ve applied for two and have been invited to a/c and am holding the other two back, for example.

Is it possible that BDO can know where I’ve really applied to and how successful I’ve been?



I think you’re right, as has been said many times within this forum, anyone would be mad to put all your eggs in one basket and only apply to one company, so I think its good to be honest, and say 'yes I am working through the assessment process with several other companies, but BDO is the company I really want to work with because…be passionate about it and tell them they’re your number one choice, make sure you know what makes BDO the best place to work for!

Good Luck!!


There is no way they can know who you’ve applied for.
Be honest about who you have applied for but if you imply that someone else is your favourite firm and BDO isn’t your first choice then why would BDO employ someone who would rather work for someone else.