BDO Refusal



My first ever post so sorry if it’s not up to usual standards. I applied to BDO Stoy Hayward last week and was asked to take the reasoning tests, once I had passed all of those I booked up my interview. Since booking my interview I have been contacted to tell me that all of the roles have been filled. Unfortunately I’ve been waiting for a phone call for the past few days about it.

Does anyone know when the next recruitment drive starts and if successful candidates only start in the August of each year?



I do not know when the next recruitment is.

However, I have just been asked to take my tests, so I hope that this does not happen to me!
Can I please ask where you applied and what role?

I hope you can sort your problem out soon as it seems a bit unfair to invite you interview!


What scheme did you apply for?


guys when the spaces are filled,you’re being put on hold until they have clear picture of their next intake, i applied for september and after my first round interview they called me to tell me that they filled up the places for september and if I want to proceed applying for december intake