BDO/PwC info - AMA



Hi guys,

I used wikijobs a LOT when I was job hunting. I received an offer from BDO, that I accepted, and pulled out of a PwC partner interview.

Returning the favour, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask!

Edit: PwC was external audit, BDO internal audit.



Congrats on ur offer.
Could you please pm me details of interview and AC at PwC?


Congratulations on the offer! Do you have the list of questions you got asked by BDO by any chance ?


I found a long list of questions already on here, and never had one that wasn’t on there. I’d recommend focussing on the STAR methodology for answering questions, come up with an example per question, plus a few more that you could maybe apply to a few competencies.

A big issue, that they always ask, is about something in the news. A couple days before, find a financial news topic, research it, talk about it in detail, and preferably explain how PwC could help.

Assessment centre:
Starts with a written report (probably about water). This is extremely time pressured (half an hour) so be very strict on your timings. You don’t need to write everything down! I passed, and they commented that my last two sections were obviously a lot shorter than the previous 2. I would recommend laying it out in report form i.e 1.1 intro, 2.1-2.4 topics, 3.1 weighing up, 4.1 conclusion.

Then onto the reasoning tests again. They’re maybe more time pressured than online, but not any harder so you shouldn’t have to worry.

Group exercise - you’re given a unique brief each, and have to discuss them with the group, ideally concluding what your plan is. The tips for this are:

  • name check some group members if possible
  • make notes and ask questions (if necessary) when others are briefing theirs
  • watch body language - sit forward and appear engaged!
  • don’t stay silent, but don’t take over and definitely don’t shout over other people.
  • don’t fall for the trap of just defending your own brief - you’re allowed to hate it!

If there’s anything else feel free to ask!


Thanks Sam!

I don’t have a list of questions as such, because it depends on who interviews you. BDO are much more laid back than other firms.

You will get a couple of basic competency questions, but they aren’t too tough. You should learn their four values off by heart though, as you should be asked this.

I was also asked to name two weaknesses. Don’t just give strengths and frame them as weaknesses. Give genuine issues, but explain how you’re trying to solve them. For example, I said one was public speaking, but I had tried to do it as much as possible, though I still hate it.

All in all, it’s a lot more focussed on personality. So long as you tick the basic boxes, the big part of it seemed to be with how you got on, and whether or not you’d fit in BDO.

If you want anything else just ask!


Amazing! Thanks Tom!


Hi Tom
I have progressed onto the Telephone interview for PwC.
Can you please help me out with the questions that were asked. I’d really appreciate your help in this stage, can we please chat through emails maybe?
Please pm me your email id (I couldn’t PM you, I’m new to the site). :slight_smile:


Are the verbal tests for BDO and PwC true/false/can’t say types?


Congratulations on the offer Tom, can you PM me the long list of PwC interview questions, that you found on here please? It would be much appreciated!


Hi Tom, could I ask you for the BDO Numerical Test, how many questions in total and within how many questions? I know it’s SHL style, just want to know what I will come across. Thanks!


Hi Anon. Unfortunately I can’t remember that far back! What u can say is they aren’t overly difficult, and so long as you practice the SHL questions you should be fine.

After doing them, they never mentioned it again! So assuming you hit a base level of competence, they won’t worry. Good luck!


Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!! Hope I could be your colleague one day,haha~



I recently received an e-mail inviting me to an AC with BDO. I was wondering if you could give me a bit of insight as to how to go about the presentation? I am unsure of what industry/company to choose.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Firstly, congratulations on getting that far!

I don’t think it matters greatly who you choose. I would recommend finding a company/sector you either know, or really like, as it makes the research much easier!

With regards to structure, keep it simple. Start with an introduction, the background of the company/sector, an overview of 3 or so risks it faces, then go into detail on each, with how BDO can help.

If you need anything else feel free to reply - and good luck!


Do you remember what they asked you in the phone interview for PWC as I’m currently preparing but need some more guidance?


Hi Jess,

Good luck! Sadly I can’t remember exactly, but there are some really good lists available on here and through Google - I never had a question not on a list come up.

Examples were:

  • tell me about a time you had an issue with a colleague
  • tell me about a time you sought out and acted on feedback

You will almost always be asked about the following:

  • the qualification you’ll do. Have this all written down, you can repeat the list of info back to them and they’ll be happy.
  • a news item. Talk about how you keep an eye out on the news, then talk about a specific topic you’ve chosen, the details, and how pwc can help.

Try and have a couple of stock examples for each competency - this should leave you covered if something unforeseen comes up.


Hi could I ask you about the AC at BDO? Like what kind of case study in the group exercise, and how was the intray?


Hi Anon,

Hope I’m not too late!

The case study, unless changed, is based on the NHS, with an amount of savings to make, and 10 options to choose. Take an active role, don’t feel you have to take over if you don’t suit that, and apply common sense! You should have an observer watching you alone, so your contribution wouldn’t be lost. Some background in what BDO can offer & excel in would help.

The intray is a letter, based on a circumstance with data & info to plow through, and needs replying. Make sure to take a watch & pay attention! Structure your time, read the data & client needs carefully, and then choose what info needs to be discussed. Do not feel like you have to communicate every issue with the client.

Structure it like you would a normal letter (addresses, yours sincerely etc) and you should be fine.

Good luck!


Thank you so much!


Hi! Regarding the BDO AC, did you look at your notes whilst doing your presentation? Did you bring in any handouts/notes at all? And did you present sitting down?