BDO LLP 2013 Intake


This thread is for incoming graduates at BDO LLP, and those who were also successful with the now merged PKF UK LLP.

Share your experiences with others, and use this thread to meet others.

Personally, I was successful with the PKF application. Since the merger I haven’t had much contact and am beginning to wonder when we will hear information regarding salaries, start dates and any networking events if any.

I think it would be great to meet other graduates and possible sort housing together! What are your thoughts?


Hi Peter

I contacted the BDO Graduate office earlier this month, to enquire as to when they will start sending out the contracts and was informed that they would be sending them out ‘in the next few weeks’, so hopefully not long now!



Yeah I emailed one of the team about a two weeks ago now and they said they will send further information in a few days. Nothing received yet, so just wondered whether anyone else had received anything. To be honest I think it is probably a bit hectic for them at the moment. Busy time of year has just been and gone in terms of tax year, plus the obvious difficulties of two large firms merging operations.


Just wondered whether you had any further comment. I emailed them again earlier this week and haven’t received a response.

I wonder what will happen about the qualification, as it was going to be CA with PKF, however as far as I’m aware, BDO go down the ACA route.



Still haven’t heard from them! Might send another email this week.

I seem to remember being told that we would still stay on the CA qualification. Not entirely sure whether I was told that or I have just assumed it.

It would be great to get some information from them. Feel a bit left in the dark at the moment.



It is a bit frustrating. I do not want to pester/mither the team, but at the same time we still don’t know when start dates are, induction details, finer contract details or anything like that.

But at the same time everyone is surely in the same position and so there is nothing to worry about and we should probably be patient.


I guess there is a heightened insecurity because of the fact they are two merged firms and we were successful in the ‘old’ firm, but unsuccessful in the ‘new’ firm.

It would be nice to have our minds put to ease though!


Hi, I have had the same news, will be studying the ACA in London. But the start date is the 29th December? This seems very late, and in between Christmas and the New Year! Strange.

Did you have the same start date? I thought we would be starting in October time?



You may have misheard, as I was informed 29th November


It was an email. I’m hoping it was a typo. But even 29th November is quite late?


I’ve just checked the calendar and the 29th is neither a Monday in Nov nor Dec, so I’m a bit perplexed. Even so, both those months are a long way away :frowning:


29th October is a Tuesday. That’s the only date that makes a little bit of sense. But even then…


29th October last year was a Monday maybe that is where the confusion is from?


Just had it confirmed that the start date for Audit Trainees (in London) is Friday 29th November.

I was also informed that the contracts will be sent out in the next few weeks.