BDO Interview first round and pass


Hey everyone!

I had my first round interview with BDO last week and at the end of the interview my interviewer told me that I will phone the HR to let them know your outcome, in the next couple of day I called HR and discovered I have passed to the next stage.
According to my experience the interview was a very relaxing and we started off by talking about my application form and discussed my previous experience. During the interview the interviewer mentioned me you might like corporate tax as you got more knowledge than other tax area, I agreed with her but told her never mind I am ok with any tax field so she was fine with me and we had a very please conversation throughout interview, Interviewer was very professional and friendlier, she understand the value of human emotion.

The questions was the almost same as the ducesa post on 2 October 2011 - 5:44pm
I think that’s it :slight_smile: I really enjoyed the interview actually… BDO definitely rely on the relaxed atmosphere to lure their employees in

Next what happened I got a call from the HR office to offer another place in Epsom office for difference tax area which I was more interested in then I agreed with HR and she sent me email for AC day confirmation, I was about to confirm online she phoned me again and ask me to go to the first round interview again, then I was not very happy even though I decided to accept the challenge to go to the first round of the interview again, guess what happened the Lady who was taking my interview she looks very tired and was disinterred throughout the interview and it showed in her expression as, any way we went through the application form and kept the conversation as minimum as we can, I realised that the lady was not interesting in interview, which really you cannot do anything about it, I had email from BDO saying that I failed my interview now my advises is for every one if you want to pass the first round interview please do not accept any other offer it may ask you to start from the first round again which may harm you to go final round which I lost my final round, so now you guys can see they teach Ethics and you can see within the company two difference view of judging people and conflicts of interest between two manager, As I said earlier before the some people are very professional and some aren’t, but it causes the firm reputation to go down, the BDO for me is still a good firm to apply for graduate scheme .

Good luck every one