BDO In-tray exercise



I have an assessment centre at BDO soon, I was hoping that someone would post some advice on what the in-tray exercise involves? Is this multiple choice? Or do you work through documents highlighting key points and providing information? Is there an written exercise as well? I have been told by BDO it involves two tasks.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide


Hi there,

I think you might find the following sites helpful in preparing you for an in-tray exercise as well as telling you what they usually contain.

This one is a graduate careers website with some advice:

This one is a site where you can buy your own practice in-tray exercise with full questions and answers and explanations:

Good luck, hope the interview goes well!



Hi Clare - Congratulations on the assessment centre!!

Do you mind sharing your experiences on the manager interview…I have one coming up soon, and its my first ever interview, so it would be great to know what sort of questions you were asked!




Hey thanks, and congrats on making it through to the interview. For me the manager interview was quite informal, espcially compared to other interviews I’ve done. I came in quite early, and after a while my manager came and collected me and took me through to the interview room. We sat down and she discussed with me the interview process, like what we’d discuss etc. then we began. It started off with her asking me some questions about why I chose my university and course etc. and a bit about my part time job. Then we just went through my application, discussing work experience I’d done, how I was finding university and so on. After this we went through competency questions, this was basically things like ‘Tell me about a time when a problem arose because of miscommunication’, or ‘Tell me about a time you’ve had to delegate tasks’, and also another one was ‘When have you provided exceptional ccustomer service’ which was something that I had already answered on the application form. I gave the same answer again to that question but my interviewer asked me to think of a different example and it looks better that way, so make sure you have another example prepared for the questions you answered on the appklication form. Then there were the basic questions ‘Why BDO?’, ‘Why tax?’, ‘What do you know about our values?’. After that you get a chance to ask the interviewer questions, which you should have some prepared for because this makes you look more interested in the role. That’s about it really. Good luck in your interview!