BDO graduate scheme 2017



Hey mate, I’ll be gratefull if you could pm me and help with the online tests :slight_smile:


Hi there, congratulations on your offer. I was wondering if you could share your experience of the AC in terms of what the activities were and how the interview was like? Got mine coming up soon and would really appreciate the help! Thanks!


Hi! Thank you for providing insight into your assessment centre. Just wondering, how did the written exercise go? Was it quite difficult and what sort of email did you have to write?


Hi, Congratulations on your offer. Would it be possible to provide more insight into the written exercise (e.g. what did you have to do?) and the presentation. I haven’t received a topic beforehand as many people has said they have but I’m not sure whether the recruitment process has changed.



Firstly, congratulations on getting to this stage!
To be very honest with you, I imagine that the application process has changed as the previous intake before mine had a different layout.
Nevertheless, my written exercise was simply a reply to an email. This simply tested your professional etiquette and ability to address all the issues in the email in the most efficient and concise manner possible.

The presentation, was made individually, however the discussion and planning stage was done in groups. Our topic was how to improve the BDO induction week process. We were given a budget and a lot of information i.e. Goals and expectations of management and feedback from the previous years induction. In a nutshell, the task was to use all that information to devise the most appropriate induction week.

I hope this helps.
And like I said earlier this maybe completely different from what you might have on the day, so don’t rely on what i’ve said.

Best of Luck!


Thank you for sharing your experience. May I ask how the partner interview was like? Was it mainly strengths-based like the video interview or were there competency-based questions as well? Were there any commercial awareness questions?


Thank you


Hi there, may I ask if you give me an insight to your partner interview during the AC? Was it very technical? I applied for FS advisory too.



Hope your AC went well! I have an AC coming up and was wondering if you could please shed some light on the activities. The brief did not have much info on the activities other than the interview. Were there psychometric tests, written activity, group activity and individual presentation in addition to the interview?

Thanks in advance.


feel from to pm me


Can I ask what kind of questions were you asked in the strength-based video interview?


Is anyone STILL awaiting the outcome of whether they have progressed to the AC stage? I received the call that I passed the video interview more than a month ago now and also got the email of the delay around a month ago and still nothing!!


Hey there, just wondering is there anyone got invited to the 22nd Jan AC?


Got invited to the one on 28th January!

What scheme did you apply for? and good luck!!