BDO graduate scheme 2017



Hi there! Thank you for sharing your experience, really appreciate it! Would you mind sharing more about the example questions that they actually ask for video interview? And how many questions are there? Thank you so much!


Hi I think its very difficult to prepare for these things IMO, because the questions may not always be predictable. However, they are strength-based (i.e what would you class as good customer service?) as opposed to competency-based (i.e tell me of a time you displayed leadership). This means that there isn’t necessarily always a right answer but what matters is how you approach the answer and that you can justify it. I would suggest having an example for each answer you give, as that helps to reinforce your answer. I would also stress that you think of the firm values and how they relate to the question to help guide you in the way you answer. There were 9- 10 questions and I think you had about 90 seconds to plan and 1.45 minutes to answer for each question. This may have changed since I did mine. TIPS: Make sure you look at the camera as looking away may suggest you’re shy or cheating. Look online and practice a few strength based interview questions to familiarise yourself with them. Try not to rush your answer when speaking so it looks authentic


3 days for me!


Sorry for the delayed response. There was only one example question, and you can record yourself as much as you like for the example question until progressing to the assessed questions. In total there were 9 questions I think, 30 secs to prepare and 90 secs to record your answer for each question.


Is it possible to move to another area and department once you have accepted an offer?


I think after signing the contract it would be difficult to because they have a certain number of places in the diff departments. But you could email/call and ask if you want?


Any offer holders got the email about professional qualifications and having trouble with it?


Yes! I didn’t have a link in my email. I just called and emailed them, they said they’ll inform the team and get it sent again.


Does everyone start in December?


Nope, I have my induction next week in London.


Ahh I see, what role did u apply for?


Financial Services Audit in London.


Hey, well done on your offer!. The main issue I have is with the numerical test in terms of time management as time pressure gets to me and so I end up making dumb mistakes. Do you have any tips?

Also, for the application questions, what is the best way to stand out when answering them?

Many Thanks!


How long did you wait for the next round invitation after you have submitted the application?


Hey! Thank you! I had the same issue with numerical - I kept panicking. But BDO tests are so straight forward there really isn’t a need to panic. You’re better off taking your time to answer the questions accurately, than rushing to finish and making more mistakes. Quality over quantity. I know you’ve probably heard this a lot already but honestly the best way to prepare is to practice and take the test when you are relaxed with no distractions.

For application questions, make sure you really know BDO and why they stand out as a “mid-tier” firm. It really depends on the division you’ve applied for because each will have different things they’re looking for. The main thing is to show your passion through including recent news articles or other business BDO have been involved in to show how engaged you are. Match your skills to what they want and use examples to strengthen your answer if the space allows it. I don’t remember the questions but thats a generic approach I took. Everything else is question and division specific.

Good luck!


It didn’t take long for me to get my tests. From application to getting the results for my test was 5 days. Then I waited about 2 weeks to get my video interview invitation. After that I got my assessment centre invite a month later and my offer within 2 days. That being said, I applied in early-Feb 2018 and got my offer late-March 2018 so the turn around may be different this time of year because they’re receiving so many applications at once as opposed to when I applied.


Cheers mate, appreciate the help. I’m just putting emphasis on reducing time spent per question but I’m happy with the maths though and hopefully I can do well in the tests this time round.

Faisal. Hussain


Will we receive an email confirming that we passed the background check?


I assume they just let you know if they have any problems, that’s what they’ve done with me. Can’t imagine they’ll just reject you without telling you


ah okay, thank you. they did contact me about clarifications too