BDO graduate scheme 2017



Many congratulations. Tech Risk Assurance is a booming career, all the best! Since I will be joining the same office, hope to see you soon.


Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience! What was the presentation about? Do they give you a topic to research on it before the AC day? Thanks!


Hi guys, I recently attended an assessment centre with BDO and I am delighted to share with you all that I have been offered a place for FS Audit Graduate Programme, starting in September. Heres a bit about the day itself.

There were 6 of us in total, 3 grads and 3 school leavers. The first exercise was a group activity, like others have mentioned before this was to do with redesigning the induction process for graduates/school leavers. You are given a candidate pack containing information in the form of graphs, pie charts, text blocks survey results etc and have to decide on how to best allocate the budget. You are given 20mins to read through the pack and make notes before commencing the group discussion. This goes without saying but make sure you do contribute, try to collaborate and initiate ideas as well as asking for others opinions. Another bit of advice is to try to use your own knowledge that is not included in the candidate pack, I mentioned about BDO advantage and how this could be implemented in the induction process and the assessors seemed really impressed with my ideas. The first part of the group discussion lasted around 30 mins.

After this, we had a short break of 10 mins before someone senior from the audit team came in and delivered a presentation about BDO, there were opportunities to ask any questions later and obviously this was not assessed at all. We then recommenced the group discussion and this was more of the same as before except halfway through we were informed of slight changes to the budget and had to reallocate our spending, nothing to really stress about. In total, I think the group exercise lasted for an hour.

Afterwards, a few grads came in during lunch and gave us a bit of an insight into what it is like working at BDO, there were opportunities to ask questions and again this was not assessed. Next up we had to complete a response to an email, again this was to do with the induction process and it was a hard copy so make sure your handwriting is neat, not much to say about this but it was not too difficult, just be formal and professional in your response.

I then had a face to face partner interview, luckily for me my interview was really chilled and relaxed. The first part of the interview was more of an informal chat, getting to know me and my hobbies. The next part of the interview was more formal and was strength based, very similar to the video interview and I had a couple of questions that were exactly the same, so definitely do look over your video interview.

Lastly, I had my face to face presentation with a partner and this was to do with our final recommendation on the induction process. You are given roughly 20 mins to prepare and make notes, you can use a flip chart if you want but I dont think it would be necessary. The presentation itself was very informal, I just literally went over my notes with him and there were a couple of question at the end but they were not too difficult, just think logically and answer clearly. Overall I think my presentation lasted 20 mins including questions at the end.

It was a very long and tiring day but I really enjoyed it and it really does look like a great place to work . Feel free to ask any questions, I am more than happy to help and for those who have an upcoming AC I wish you all the best of luck.


Hi, just wondering how long it took to hear you were successful after you attended the assessment centre ?


I heard back after 3 working days.


Congrats on your offer! I have an assessment centre coming up too and was told to bring a calculator, would you know which part this is for? Also how long did the email reply take and how long did your partner interview last ? I realise its a lot of questions but thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:


Thanks! You just need to use your calculator for the group exercise and the presentation, nothing to complex just simple addition counting up costs to make sure you fall within the budget. There is no time limit for the email response, you are just told to complete it by the end of the day. My partner interview lasted around 30-40 mins I think including a few questions I asked him at the end. Good luck for the AC.


Sounds good. Also I realise the partner interview is strength based but did you still give examples as you would in a competency based interview?


Yup, try to think of examples if you can to support your answers. Some questions can be very similar to the SST or are very scenario based, so it will be a bit diffucult to think of an example all the time but just try to be concise and think how you would respond logically in that situation.


How easy is it to switch grad schemes when you have an offer?


Hi guys, do you know if one can switch their grad scheme to internships ?


If any one has had an assessment centre for Financial services advisory can you please pm me? Thanks.


Hi guys,
I attended an assessment centre in February and received an offer for the audit graduate programme starting this year. As I can definitely attribute a large part of my success to threads such as this, Iā€™d be happy to help out anyone with questions regarding the whole process!


After signing the contract, do they send out a list of other grads to get in touch with?


Having signed the contract myself 2 months back, I do not see that happening.


Have you heard back anything from them since?


Not really!


Offer holders, how long did it take for you to hear back after AC? Thanks.


Has anyone applied for a role in the Guilford office?


Hi there, I am applying for the position of Internal Audit Graduate-Public Sector scheme for 2018 December intake, I would wish to learn more about the video interview and AC of BDO application process, it would be great if you could share with me about your experience of receiving the offer! Thank you so much!