BDO graduate scheme 2017



For those who received an offer, when did you get the phone call?


it’s strengths based questions like ‘what would you do in this situation’, ‘what do you think about this’ and then one or two technical ones, i got asked how they make profit


Thanks! Did you have a question about personal development?


Hi… The questions which I got were, what are your hobbies? What do you think of personal development? How do you manage deadlines? Why do you want to work for large organization? How do you solve a problem?
Questions are around these lines… also make sure you have examples related to each BDO value…
Best of luck


Has anyone with an offer actually been asked to provide references yet?


Hey mate, could you help me with the exam structures and what tests did you practice ?


Was really interested for your help. Dm me what resources you have used.


I have an AC coming up! What should I expect?


For those who have already got the offer, could you tell me, in how many days did you get your contract for the signature? Did you get a hard copy? e-copy or both?


I passed my video interview on 2nd March and I’m still waiting for an assessment centre date. They’ve said they are still shortlisting, is anyone else also waiting and when do you think I will hear back ?


It really depends on a case to case basis. I passed my video interview around mid of November and did not get an email regarding assessment centre until second last week of January. So it totally depends.


Ok thank you for the reply, I will just be patient.


Hi, sorry for the late reply. I actually didn’t use any resources at all. just pure luck of trying to be the best of me and just researched the key elements on how to nail an interview.


Ohkay thanks mate


Hello everyone!
Happy to be sharing that I have received an offer for the Audit Graduate trainee. I would like to thank each one of you who posted their valuable experiences that help me prepare for it better. Feel free to ask any question regarding what to expect during any particular stage of the programme. All the very best!


Hi, congratulations for u!! Many thanks for your post. I was wondering what office you apply for? Is the AC so competitive there? I will have the AC in April, the audit role. I wondering how many students in a group to complete the task and is the writing task hard copy one? Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Hii thanks for your wishes. I had applied for London office. To answer your question regarding competition, it totally depends upon the day. Expect atleast around 10-12, but again it depends.
Yes, the writing task is a hard copy one.
Let me know in case you have any other query.

All the best for your upcoming AC.


Oh thanks for your reply mate! I will have AC in Birmingham office later. I thought maybe 2-5 person in the group to discuss things or something. Wish you all the best!


Hi Thanks for your experience.
i want to know more about the presentation. is that you need to pre a topic your chose or they pick a topic let you pre? tHANKS


Congratulations! I received an offer last week too with the help of this forum so please feel free to ask me any questions (although my answers may be similar to those already mentioned as that is what guided me). I’ll be joining Technology Risk Assurance in London so hit me up if you have any questions relating to that division.