BDO graduate scheme 2017



I applied to London


Even mine is for the same graduate audit role. When is your AC?


Next Friday


That’s great. All the best. Do well.


Hi! Today I completed my AC and I don’t think I passed it due to my hobbies which they thought would take all of my free time. However, I am thankful this thread for getting me this far so if you have any questions, be sure to DM me or just reply to this post! Thanks a lot to this community!!!


Anyone that has AC lined up for the month of March. If yes, share your role and office?


Days ago posted a post about my AC. Today they got back to me to say that I did not go through. For those who supported in DM’s - Thanks! However, thanks to anyone who helped on the thread!!!
And if you get rejected honestly, don’t stop. BDO rejected my application 5 months ago, they gave me 2nd chance and I got to the AC. Today they gave me feedback, which was the worlds biggest BS I’ve seen so far. Everything they said was wrong, apparently, there was nothing that would tick me off the job but… it was the goals and future as well as the current hobbies. So, for those who get rejected, don’t lose hope, if you got so far you got something special inside that makes you, you! Not everyone sees it but there will be someone who will value you as a person;) So send me a DM and I will help you as much as I can. Hope you all go through;)


Hmmm… what are your current hobbies? !


Anyone is going to have an AC on March?


I have my AC coming up soon. I was wondering if any of you have any resources or insights that would be useful. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You.


Yes, in London on the 7th March


Would I be able to have some advice about the written task and partner interview?


Hi, I have my AC coming up next week for audit and was wondering if anyone have any info regarding the written exercise and the partner interview! Thanks in advance!


The written task for me was an email. SImple email where you use the information from the day. PI is a casual conversation. Includes questions like Why BDO, Why Audit and SST questions like why and what you prefer a team or individual work? How do you solve a problem? & What do you do if you are 1hr late? Prepare to answer questions you already have answered during the Application Process.


Thank you!


Hey guys, I have my AC on 6th March, because this forum helped me a lot, so I’m going to share my experience with others. Like everyone said, there is group discussion, which is 1 hour all together. During the group discussion, you have a short 5 mins break and you will talk to some senior staff from your position (btw I’m doing audit). The topic is as usual about induction process for new trainees. After group discussion, you will be led to another room. You have time for email (my assessor gave me around 20 mins), as others had shared already, it’s about induction process. And then comes to lunch time. After lunch, you may either do partner interview or presentation. I was the first one to do PI, we talked around 40 minutes, and the questions were very similar to VI. After my PI, assessor literally gave me around 10 mins to prepare for presentation. It’s like you pre for 10mins, and another 10mins for question. There was a lot questions actually. And I have to say that it was a tiring day.
If anyone has further question, please feel free to ask. And I prefer to ask on the forum since that others can have a look about it to help more people. And I’m waiting for the result, the assessor told me I would get the result on this Friday (I forgot that did she say 5 days or Friday).


Hi, thank you so much for sharing this. I just have a question about email. Does this relate to the group discussion? Could you please elaborate on this? Thank you


Sure, I’m more than to share if it’s of any help. The email is related to group discussion, and actually everyone MAY have different email! Because I asked the assessor, she just said do exactly what your email ask you to do, and she was not sure about what was the content of my email.


What kind of questions come up in the video interview for the internal audit graduate scheme? Do they ask any technical questions?


Can you give me some advice for the video interview?