BDO graduate scheme 2017



I’m waiting for AC date as well, what city have you applied for ?


Hi what did you apply for? I also just knew my AC date recently.


I successfully passed the online interview on December but then then I received an email saying that I cannot proceed with the AC and I should choose an other department. I changed to Risk advisory and I haven’t heard back since then. I think it was 15 of december


How was your assessment centre like? Did you use any online resources to practice for them?

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Hi could you send it to me as well…


Can you please give me as well some advice and resources for the assessment center?


Hey! The exactly same questions I prepared were mentioned previously so if you scroll down you will be able to find them! I basically did some last minute preparation on those questions a couple of hours before I did my video interview and I guess it went okay since I passed haha


hi chin, im really interested for the resources that you have used. let me know if you can help me out


So I had my assessment Centre today, and it went quite well I guess.
As I applied for an internship, I didn’t have a partner interview, and I got to leave earlier than the rest, so I didn’t get a chance to chat with others to see what questions they were asked. The only question I know was asked was something on the lines of “When you have a project, do you feel is most important to be clear or credible”.
The day was okay. Got there at 9am. We started by chatting with the other applicants in the room. We had to ask 5 questions to the person next to us so that we could introduce them to the assessors. This was not meant to be assessed, just to get us talking.
Then we were given time to read through the assessment pack, before starting the group discussion. The group assessment was split into two as we had a break.
Then our assessors talked a bit about BDO and what they do.

Then we had a lunch break, and some graduates and school leavers came and spoke to us about how its been for them.
Then some of us were given time to prepare for the presentation (which follows up the group discussion), while others went for their interviews.
As some came back to the room from interviews or their presentations, we were not allowed to discuss how it went for them.
The written bit was straight forward, and you’re not really timed on it. You are just told towards the end that you should probably get it done.
I had to prepare for the presentation in the given time, after that had to do the written bit (which is just answering an email) while I waited for the time to do my presentation.

Overall, it was quite chilled and people were really nice.

Hope this comment helps!


Could you help me with an Assessment Centre?


Hello. Actually i am still waiting to get the dates for the assessment centre. I want to ask how long did you wait to get the dates and if there is something to be scared about if i havent got the dates till now. Also i got my results for the video interview on 9th january. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thankyou


Hey! I think I can help on this! Don’t be scared at all! You can email them to politely check whether they are still shortlisting! I did that and they answered me that they were still shortlisting then a couple of days later I received an email with AC invitation! So I think they are just taking their time shortlisting candidates for your AC!


Hello Chin, could you help me as well please with the assessment center?


Hi Chin, I’m very interested in the resources u used, can u help me out as well? thx:)


I have e-mailed them but haven’t got their reply yet. Before how many days from the date of your assessment centre did you get the invite???


I have e-mailed them but still waiting for tjeir reply. Before how many days do they notify you about your assessment centre? A week or 2?


I waited for about a month, I think they were quite busy with shortlisting many ACs.


Hey, could you send me the resources you’ve used for AC? Thanks in advance!


I called them up. They said they are still shortlisting as it is busy for the end of the year. Also for which office did you apply?


I called them up. They said they are still shortlisting as it is busy for the end of the year. Also for which office did you apply?