BDO graduate scheme 2017



Yes I did my video interview on Dec 24th, received an offer for my interview 2nd Jan


Hi, I have received a phone call and an email shortly after from BDO before Christmas informing that I have passed the video interview. But I still haven’t received any update after that regarding the next stage. Is anyone in a similar situation?


what position did u apply for?


Corporate International Tax


What location?


Hi, I have my video interview due in like 2 days. Any tips or suggestions? What sort of questions do they ask? What was your approach to answer these questions? Did you give personal examples as well? Any tips you would want to give me ? did you wear a suit? was the background plan? What were your answers to the questions asked? I AM FREAKING OUTTTTT !!!


I can give tips for this! I passed mine like 2 months ago and it actually is not that hard! Be honest, be yourself and speak clearly and consistently. I would suggest that you wear something appropriate and that it is a quiet atmosphere. I cant remember the questions but there were similar to the ones below in this thread. Don’t worry. It is not as bad as you think it is!!! Which location are you applying for and what sector?


Thank you so much… Video interviews just make me nerous. Do you get to record your answer again? Or is it just once?
I have applied in Audit Group, london for dec intake


Just once.


Hey, don’t worry! The video interview wasn’t too bad. I’ve done mine a while ago so can’t remember the exact questions but they were definitely mentioned here before! So just take some time and write down the questions being mentioned in this forum! Even though I planned most of my answers I panicked during the interview and had to think of answers on the spot which I thought I did badly but probably not that bad since I still passed.


Hey, did you receive any update on your AC since you passed your video interview? I’m wondering if I should call/email them this coming week about it.


It took some time for them to respond. I have a date of my AC as the one that was planned for this week was canceled.


Our Assessment Centre is a crucial step in our application process at BDO - so it’s really important you do your best and get it right. We’re hosting an online forum next Friday at 12.30pm to talk you through what’s involved in our AC, what to expect from the day and obviously the most important question of all, WHAT’S FOR LUNCH!? Register here:


That’s great! what did you apply for?


I applied for audit group. Did you get an AC date or still waiting for it?


I emailed them and they said they are still shortlisting so I’m still waiting.


Guys I also applied for BDO graduate scheme I passed the interview stage but they told me that the position was filled so I had to choose an other department and change my initial motivational questions. I did that on 15 of December and still nothing. I emailed them one month ago and they told me I have to wait for my confirmation of the AC. Anyone had similar experience ?


I think they are still shortlisting your AC? I also waited a month before receiving my AC date yesterday.


The same thing happened to me, but happened early Decemeber and I’ve only just had an email about an AC date, so don’t panic. Think they’re still shortlisting!


Hey guys, does anyone have BDO’s AC tips and what should I expect ? :slight_smile: Cheers, I’ll make sure to share my experience later on.