BDO graduate scheme 2017



Got invited to an AC yesterday and told I could be waiting 2-3 weeks for a date. Anyone else in the same situation?


Hey Darian,

Could I pm you?

I have been invited to the AC and would really appeciate your advice on the AC. If you could send me your email or whatever is convienant for you.


Hi Everyone,
I have just finished my online interview. TBH, it has 9 questions in total. Anyway, I am here to share the questions, as I have found this site very useful.

What is your achievement that makes you most proud of?
How to evaluate a potential risk for BDO?
What is the main benefit of adopting a planed approach towards completing tasks?
Why do you think it is important to continuously improve when working at BDO?
Why do you think it is important to be aware of how our business works, particularly in terms of profitability?
In your opinion, what are the key skills that are essential to be an effective communicator?
How do you use the expertise of others around you to achieve a better result?
When in a group, why do you feel it is important to make sure every member is valued?
What would you do when you spot something that isn’t working efficiently as possible?

Best of luck to you all!


I have an AC coming up can anyone share some insight please.


I’m in the same situation! I’ve been waiting 2 weeks though, so am hoping that I hear something within the next week


Hello everyone,

I was wondering which online tests have you used to prepare for online assessment, especially the numerical one? There are quite many websites offering those.

Thank you!


Hi Annabel, Thank you ever so much for sharing these questions. I had the exact same ones. It was worth to prepare for these questions but in the real video interview, I still stuttered. Well, shame on me because I don’t think they will like me because of that. But thank you soooo much! good luck to you and good luck to everybody else!!! I hope you do great!


Hey I did my video interview last Thursday. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back?


Go for the CAPP assessments in JobMi. Honestly Numerical is easy but the critical reasoning is hard!!! Prepare well for critical one! Good Luck!


I did mine on Saturday (most likely failed :smiley: ), they sent me an email saying it might take up to like 10 -14 days for them to review it! Good luck!


Hi Darian,

I hope you’re well!
I’ve luckily secured an AC at BDO for the 2018 intake for Tax. I was wondering if you would be able to help me? Please PM me or check your inbox (my login is being awkward unfortunately so I can’t see if I have sent my message) I would love to hear from you if you can help!

Kind regards and thank you for offering to help so many of us!


Hello lovelies. This community has helped me a lot in the past, so I feel like paying it forward. I’m currently sitting on a grad job offer with BDO in Audit - granted I received my offer from an internship, the process is practically exactly the same for the grad intake. So this is an overview of my experience/advice on each stage:


  • If you’re struggling with this, no amount of browsing forums will help

Video interview:

  • Prep for the usual “why BDO?” and “why Audit/Tax/FS?”, along with the following:
  • What do you think you’ll be doing day to day and why does it excite you?
  • What have you learnt about BDO that makes you a good fit for us?
  • What do you know about the program?
  • What is the secret to overcoming unexpected obstacles?
  • How do you ensure you are an effective communicator?
  • How do you ensure internal/external clients receive exceptional service?
  • Some completely random question to see how you deal with pressure, they’re different for everyone but along the lines of random shite like “what would you do with an elephant?” or “what was the last gift you gave?”. Head recruiter in my office said they just like to have a good laugh watching us struggle, so don’t worry too much. I’m not going to lie, not all of these questions came up but those are the ones I prepared for, and it really wasn’t difficult - just prepare an example for each situation beforehand. I heard back that I’d passed 3 days after the interview.

Assessment Centre:

  • There were 6 of us on the day, 3 for intern roles and 3 for grad jobs. It was centered on your standard in-tray exercise (if you don’t know what this means, go to google and do at least 2 of them before your AC).
  • Our theme was re-designing the graduate induction process. We were given a pack of information with data in various forms (pie charts, survey results, text blocks etc.) to read for 20 minutes before having a group discussion on how to best allocate the budget. Halfway through, 2 of the assessors role-played as key stakeholders and we were allowed to ask them any questions that would help us make decisions. There’s no unique advice to this, just keep track of time, ask others for their opinions and for gods sake talk - one guy at my AC literally said nothing except “yeah” every time someone made a point.
  • Next we had to reply to an email using pen and paper, and we were timed on this. It was basically just replying to a senior colleague to give feedback on your experience as a grad, and to ask for more information about something. I can’t really remember, it wasn’t hard; just be professional.
  • Following this, we had time to prepare a presentation for one of the assessors on our final recommendation for the induction process. It wasn’t too formal, I just made notes and ended up sitting with the assessor having a chat running through them. Halfway through she asked me what would I cut from the induction day if the budget was lowered; I just said I’d cut anything that wasn’t essential to grads understanding and learning their role as this is (in my opinion) more important than a social event.
  • Last was a strengths based interview. Interns didn’t have to do this, so I can’t give you any specifics. The grads on the day that I spoke to said it was very casual, standard questions like “what energises you/what do you enjoy”, “what’s your biggest weakness” etc etc. Just back these up with examples - google strengths based questions and rehearse some answers.

BDO has a fantastic work atmosphere, so I hope you all do well.

Best of luck!


Hi I have an AC coming up real soon, was wondering if anyone could fill me in on how to tackle the AC. Especially for the partner interview… I would be really grateful


Hi, do BDO email or telephone to inform you of the outcome of the video interview? Thanks in advance


Hey! They call you and give you feedback and the outcome, and then send you an email shortly after to confirm it in writing :slight_smile:


Anyone got a date for an AC?


I’m still waiting for it. I initially passed the video interview around 20/11. Waiting for about a month to be told that the position has been filled :frowning: Had to transfer to another service line at another office. They asked me to amend my original response to reflect my interest in the new role. I
haven’t heard back since then.


Hi, what did they ask you in video interview?


The usual Why BDO? How to build strong relationships? What makes a good communicator? How important is profitability? Sorry, can’t remember much since it was a while ago.


Has anyone heard anything from BDO since before Christmas? (Particularly with regards to invitations to assessment centres)