BDO graduate scheme 2017



Hello All,

These are the questions for BDO’s video interview. I took the interview in September. The interview was very boring and some of the questions gave me the impression that the HR department think they are too smart. The questions are way too wordy for a timed video interview.

The questions are the following:
Why do you think it is important to be aware of how our business works, particularly in terms of profitability?

What do you think if the best way to understand problem?

Why is personal development important to you?

In preparing for this application, what have you learnt about BDO that you think means you are a good fit for our business?

In your opinion, what are the key skills that are essential to be an effective communicator?

How do you approach a task to make sure you reach agreed timesacle?

When in a group, why do you feel it is important to make sure every member is valued?

How do you use the expertise of others around you to achieve a better result?

What would you do to ensure your customers,both internal and external, receive an exception service?

What do you do when you spot something that isn’t working as efficiently as possible?

in your opinion, what is the secret to overcoming an unexpected challenges or obstacles you may encounter?

At the end they asked this silly questions: If you could trade places with any person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictions, who would it be?


Hello everyone,
Was just wondering if anyone was able to give me a bit of advice on what kind of tests to practice for the critical reasoning test? I have the assessmentday package by the way :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Any info on the questions that they asked?


Hi all the critical reasoning tests on assessment day are very similar to the actual test. I practised on there and passed mine


How do you think you done on the video interview. Honestly these all seem like quite challenging questions. Do you have any tips on how to approach them?


Hi, got a video interview with BDO was wondering if you got shed some light on some of the questions asked?


Hi Darian i have my video interview soon, i would like some help in what questions to prepare and how to answer them. i would be ever so grateful if you could help me


Hi Darian, I was hoping you could tell me more information regarding the assessment centre…what the structure of the day was and what tasks you were given? what kind of questions you were asked? any help would be appreciated!


Was wondering if there is an e-tray and if we need to re-do our online test during the AC. I have one the coming Thursday but not info was given so far.


Dear all,

Has anyone done the video interview? I think BDO has changed its questions a lot this year. Could anyone please share the questions ? I am more than grateful for it!!!



Hi everyone,i have the video interview soon and i would appreciate if i could get some help on what type of questions they ask as i tend to struggle on strength based questions- please feel free to PM me




Hi guys, I was wondering if during the initial application everyone submitted both their CV or cover letter as supporting documents. Would anybody recommend anything else?


Hi everyone,

I have my AC for BDO soon. Was wondering if someone could shed some light on the process… especially the partner interview :slight_smile:



Hi Sungz, would you like to share the Video interview questions? many thank :slight_smile:


I submitted CV, but not cover letter. and I got invited for online test.


Thanks a mill :slight_smile:


Hi guys, can anyone share what’s the AC like ? Thank you !!!


Hi Zoon,

I hope your AC went well. If its ok with you, could I ask you about the structure of the day and which exercises where harder then the others and if you had any tips? Can i pm you?



I hope your well. Would it be ok if I ask you for some tips for the BDO AC, as I have one coming up soon.

I would really aprewciate any help.