BDO graduate scheme 2017



Really? When did they tell you that?


Hello James. Hope you are well. I will be having BDO Audit assessment centre soon. However, I would appreciate if you could give me tips, I come from a Computer Science background, I am struggling with case studies exercises. Do you think case study on the assessment day is hard? if yes, how can I prepare for it?


Hey! Congrats on the assessment centre. Which office is it for? I’ll give you tips if you like


Hi hope you are well, could I have some advice based on BDO’s recruitment process eg: Psychometric tests? Thanks


hi all, I am applying for the first year programme and have been invited for a video interview. This is my very first video interview/ any proper interview so any advice/ practise questions from your experience will really be appreciated!!! I’m going to share my video interview experience as the forum has really helped me understand the application stages I have to go through


Case study had nothing to do with the business line you apply for. There is no way to prep, it was probably one of the easiest I have ever done. Do not stress yourself. Just make sure you read thoroughly and understand the pack. Mine was to do with improving the current graduate inductions and suggesting a new strategy. I think the partner interviews have the highest weighting, and again it was ‘strength based’ - jot down your video interview questions if you can.


Hi guys. I applied for the Manchester Forensic Graduate scheme ( Dec) anyone else applied for that department? And anyone know how long it takes BDO to inform you about the results of the online interview? :slight_smile:


Any November/December starters invited to start early in September?


September intake is really small - hardly anyone showed up this year it seems. I don’t know whether HR just fucked up giving offers out or if lots of people didn’t accept them? Partners are a little worried there will be too much of a workload on new people joining.


Yeah, they still haven’t asked me for references or any background stuff which they were supposed to do about 2 months ago now. Any reason why they’re delaying so much with it?


HR haven’t got their shit together this year and when transitioning to a new system they vastly undershot the target number of offers they have given out - hence why the service lines that have already started don’t have many people working in them. They realised this mid-way through August and have been frantically trying to get people to fill those positions by bringing forward December applications and re-opening December applications to more applicants.

If you work at BDO you will quickly learn that HR are completely and utterly clueless.


Would’ve liked to know this kinda stuff before signing off the contract, do you know if it’s still possible for me to negotiate salary or is it too late?


I have my video interview very soon. Could you tell me what sort of questions came up please?


Hi, Do you know if studying at college on the grad programme is done in blocks (ie taking a few months off at college to study for a couple exams at a time) or is every few weeks alongside work?


Hey can you please tell me what questions they have asked you? I have my interview soon. Any help is highly appreciated!


Hey guys, was just wondering what the online tests were like for BDO, is the situational strengths test just your average scenario and ranking your responses from most likely to least likely?


Hey , hope you’re well…how did your video interview go? I got my email today about the video interview and was hoping you could tell me what questions came up…thank you!


Have you done yours? How did it go and what types of questions did they ask?


Hey, not yet i still have a few days to complete it…just going to prep for common strength based questions and research the companys values etc


I applied last Oct 12,17. And I think I passed the exam and interview bec i was given an application form. How many weeks/months would it take to wait for the company will call you? So that if i am not qualified I have to look for another job. Willing to wait if i will be surely called