BDO graduate scheme 2017



What did you guys do to prepare for the numerical and critical tests?


Anyone have an AC on July 20th???


Not many people know this, but the graduate salary can go up to £35,000 in the first year if you push HR a bit. if you say you have received another offer and are deciding between BDO and another firm, you can hint that a higher salary may entice you more. This is especially effective if you leave this until the later months (July/August) before the start date.


Are the working hours 9-5?


9:30 to 5:30 but it’s flexible, during busy season you do some overtime but you get paid overtime which even big4 don’t really give.


in terms of writing an email response. are we using computer for that?


Hi I have a video interview coming up and would really appreciate if you could give some questions they asked as well as the final one?


Hi I have a video interview coming up and would really appreciate if you could give some questions they asked as well as the final one?


Hey buddy. Yeah I have an AC then for audit in London. So excited. You prepared?


Same here! I also applied for the London Audit Group. I did some preparations, but it’s more about how you behave that day I guess. How’s your preparation?


Me too. And my prep isn’t too shabby. Shall we talk on Skype and exchange ideas?


Hi guys, this forum helped me a lot with my prep! So i wanted to give a few tips for the AC, I don’t think theres any point in divulging the contents of the group task as I think the ‘project’ varies AC to AC. You’re given a large info pack, you read over it and then spend most of the day discussing it in your group before presenting individually followed by a one on one interview with partner(s). I honestly think the partner interview is what counts most, I got great feedback for everything bar my interview where they said I should have provided stronger examples! The partner interview follows a similar format to the video interview (‘strengths based’). I would highly recommend jotting down your video interview questions and practicing from them for your AC. As well as the general why BDO, why X business line? They were extremely friendly. There is no reason to feel nervous whatsoever. Good luck to everyone.


Thank you so much for your feedback! I was just wondering if you had to do a written exercise on the day? Also, what business stream did you apply to? I hope your application was successful!


HI guys. I was wondering during the online application stage Skills section, what skills do i include? They give an example of MS office. Is it only technical skills for example programming etc, or can i include soft skills like communication, leadership, decision making, adaptability etc. And if so how do i articulate the years experience and experience level for these soft skills.


There was a written task, where you respond to an email. However, I don’t think it holds any weight whatsoever. It was super easy. Nothing to stress over, and you’re supposed to do it ‘when you can’, no time is allocated for it.


Still waiting to hear back from my assessment centre not sure how it went but has been delayed due to additional sign off required for offer has anyone else been told the same thing? How long was it before you were told the outcome? I pray I have got a place on the graduate scheme with BDO!


I got told a few hours after the AC but the recruitment manager says I’m a one off. Most people find out after a week.


When do BDO break up for Christmas?


Did you ever hear back?


Yes I was unsuccessful The email made it sounds as though I had the job. Oh well there is next year.