BDO graduate scheme 2017



This forum thread is for people applying for graduate roles at BDO (any country), to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Your contributions are much appreciated!


Has anyone had a first round interview yet?


Hi! Yes I have had the first round interview. What office and department are you applying for?


I’m applying to transaction services at the London office :slight_smile:


Awesome, I applied to the Edinburgh office for audit. Have you had your interview?


Not yet, I have it on tuesday. How did yours go?


Good luck! Mine went well… I’ve accepted an offer from them so if you have any questions feel free to ask!


Hi had my AC on Friday. Just wondering how/when they gave you offer? Still waiting on feedback.


Congrats on the offer btw


Hi! I had mine back in November and I heard the day after the AC by phone call. I think my AC was very early though compared to now, there seem to be a lot of interviews and ACs happening, so recruitment is probably a lot busier right now.


Hope so, just have this feeling they’ve told people who got it and not the rest. Fingers crossed eh


Let’s hope not! I’m sure they will get back to people regardless of the outcome. Good luck :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the offer Hazel! I have sent you a pm with a few questions and would really appreciate if you could get back to me :slight_smile:


These forums have helped me so much so I thought I would my experience.

I had my first round interview in December 2014 and am waiting for AC, which is next week.

The interview collected me from the waiting area and took me to the interview room, with another colleague who took notes on a laptop. The interviewer was really good and helped me relax. He made the interview conversational and asked around 3-4 competency questions. The questions asked overall were:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Asked a few things about the application form (know what you wrote down)
  3. Why I picked my Uni
  4. Why BDO?
  5. Why Audit?
  6. Example of exceptional client service
  7. What are BDO values?
  8. Time you have communicated something well
  9. Time you didn’t get along with group member and what you did
  10. What other firms have I applied for, and how would I make decision if i got 2 offers

To be honest I felt really lucky because he spoke almost as much as I did, if not more throughout the interview. He spoke about his role, what he does, what other departments there are. I think he may have asked what I know about their other services, so make sure you read up on this. Although it seems like he asked a lot of questions (as listed above), the competency questions felt more like an interview, rather than the other questions.

Again I feel really lucky because my interviewer told me there and then that I had passed to next stage, so I didn’t need to wait to find out. This is the first time I have passed an interview (have failed SO many before this), so it was nice to receive a response straight away.

Not going to lie, I was SO scared before the interview and did loads of preparation and going through practice questions, even though this can be really hard and boring!

Also if you have ready all the BDO forums on wikijob then you will realise that the questions are really similar and there are no surprises. Hope this helps.

My AC is next week and I am sooo scared. Trying my best to prepare as much as possible. Would really love some advice, tips from people who have been through this. Haven’t done in-tray before and the only Group Excerise I did before was horrible, I wasn’t able to get a word in edgewise and I seemed to be the only person who had trouble taking-in all the information in short-time and understanding it.



Hi all,
I recently completed both online tests (numerical and logical) for a graduate role in tax at BDO, just wondering how long am I expecting to hear from them about the outcome?


Hi guys! What tips can you give for the presentation in particular? This seems the most daunting!


Hi, presentation is in really relaxed atmosphere, but prepare some handout to give to the partner. I prepared PowerPoint presentation and printed it out, but one of the girls didn’t have any and interviewer took a note of it. Hope it helps.


Hey guys, is there any advice you would give in regards to the presentation aspect of the assessment centre?. What sort of companies were chosen and how many questions did the assessor tend to ask?


Has anyone got an assessment day at BDO at London office coming up? I recently passed my telephone interview but still haven’t heard from them about the next stage.


Hi, there are two MC assessment centres coming up in the next two weeks. I didn’t have a telephone interview but a face-to-face first interview and then was emailed a week later for the AC a month later. Maybe you should give them a call.